Having a dedicated server, you’re going to get a standalone real server, utilized by you and you solely. Watch FAIHAD Hosting’s video display and see how a dedicated service coming from FAIHAD Hosting can benefit your websites and plans.

Having a dedicated server from FAIHAD Hosting you will get a server, constructed with proven, efficient and completely screened hardware parts. In this way, we try to prevent all possible hardware problems, which can be common with completely new and untried hardware. In addition, all dedicated servers are located in FAIHAD Hosting’s US data center, that provides unequalled connectivity, power and cooling alternatives.

With each and every of FAIHAD Hosting’s servers, additionally you can opt for the OS. Our company offers CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu, three of the extremely firm and risk–free Linux distributions, available. At the same time, each one offers considerable support communities, which can help you fix any issue you find.

With each dedicated server, you will also get a great number of completely free bonuses. You get 3 distinct dedicated IP addresses, a no cost billing software and a absolutely free domain name reseller account. If you select Debian, you can even make use of the absolutely free Web Hosting Control Panel, that on it’s own is brimming with plenty of complimentary web site tools.